Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Megaprojects Research Interdisciplinary Team

November, 14th

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore [Campus di Piacenza]
November 14th, 2019

Provisional Agenda




Institutional Welcome

11.00 - 11.45

Opening Address
Franca Cantoni [Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore]
Giorgio Locatelli [University of Leeds]
Mauro Mancini [Politecnico Milano]

11.45 - 13.00

Lectio Magistralis
Three Perspectives on Large Engineering Projects. The three are: Shaping projects, Rethinking project performance, Right-sizing projects
Donald Roy Lessard [MIT Sloan School of Management]

13.00 - 14.00

Light Lunch

14.00 - 14.15

Parallel Sessions

Aula 16
[Chairman: F. Cantoni, E. Favari]
Aula Sala Piana
[Chairman: C. Mussida, M. Allena]
14.15 - 14.30
Sowing the seeds to overcome the “Iron Law” in Megaprojects
F. Cantoni, F. Pagnone
The Economic Evaluation of Megaprojects
S. Platoni, F. Timpano
14.30 - 14.45
The era of sustainability enabled mega-projects: lessons in building to deliver for an unknown, better future
M. Tsopela, J. Manning
An Innovative Economic Evaluation Model to Drive Investment Decisions for Megaprojects and Portfolio Management in the Oil and Gas Industry
A. Montanaro, J. Michelez  
14.45 - 15.00
Milano Expo 2015 regeneration process: be-tween legacy and megaproject
S. Protasoni, M. Roda
Megaprojects and Contracts: an Overview from the Italian Perspective
F. Zecchin
15.00 - 15.15
A Fuzzy Analysis for Evaluation of the Impact on the Landscape
A. Bergamasco, G. Giunta et al
Lost in taxation, the debate on the CBA of the Lyon Turin rail project
J. Massiani
15.15 - 15.30
Stakeholder Engagement as a challenging social issue in Megaprojects management
B. Barabaschi
Tax policies and sustainability in megaprojects
M. Allena
15.45 - 18.00 Lectio Magistralis
Innovation and learning in London’s Megaproject Ecology
Andrew Davies [ University of Sussex Business School, Science Policy Research Unit]
A Theory of Megaprojects and Value Creation
Nuno Gil [The University of Manchester, Manchester Business School]


Collegio Alberoni  - visit to Galleria Alberoni

20.30 Workshop dinner - Collegio Alberoni
MeRIT 2019 - A multidisciplinary approach to embrace complexity and sustainability