Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

International Symposium
CALLmi: Where are we going?


Registrations are open until 13 May 2019.

There is no enrolment fee for the Symposium but participants are required to register online.

A Symposium Dinner will be organised for Thursday 23 May at Ceneré, P.zza Virgilio, Milan. If you wish to attend you can opt in and pay the €40 charge while registering.

Register here for the Symposium and the dinner before 13 May. If you wish to enrol after this date please contact us at callmi2019@gmail.com

Maximum attendance at the Symposium: 100 participants

NB By registering for the Symposium participants are entitled to a special membership rate of €55 to join EUROCALL. Participants can subscribe here via the EUROCALL site, where you should click on CALICO membership type and then specify CALLmi as your CALICO membership number.

Email us if you need further information: callmi2019@gmail.com


Note for teachers in Italy

In line with current legislation, this seminar falls within those training and refresher courses for teachers carried out by universities which are automatically recognised by school management bodies, and which allow teachers of all levels and categories to access the legal and economic benefits arising from taking part in such training activities (Art. 64, CCNL 2007).