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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Finance for Sustainability Conference


In recent years awareness of the serious problems facing our planet has risen.

These issues comprise pollution, climate change, excessive exploitation of the earth and its natural resources, social class divisions, food waste and failure to recognize fundamental human rights together with corporate mismanagement.

Past mistakes threaten to jeopardize the future of the young generations that now seem to have rediscovered respect for the environment, the social sphere and equity in relationships, both inside and outside the workplace.

Today the safeguarding of our planet, and of the species living therein, as well as corporate social responsibility to all stakeholders - within and outside the workplace - are at the centre of interest of all economic operators: producers, consumers, regulatory and supervisory authorities and financial operators.

More pertinently - and of great social significance - what is the financial sector doing to promote and guarantee the implementation of virtuous practices in the abovementioned fields?

How can the financial sector help and/or support socially responsible investments?

The "Finance for Sustainability" conference aims to proactively respond to these questions by connecting the academic world, the asset management industry and the entrepreneurs who will convene on June 19th and 20th 2019 at the Università Cattolica’s Piacenza Campus of the Faculty of Economics and Law.


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20 Giugno 2019

Il programma della seconda giornata del Convegno